P.A.I.N. In New England 2xC120

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61 artists across two 120-minute cassettes. 19 pieces of color & B/W art in a 5.5"x8.5" staple-bound zine. An 11"x17" fold-out map designed by T. Boettner. Includes Bandcamp code for streaming & download.

Co-released with Cruel & Unusual Sound, Jouissance du Rien, and Mutual Aid Records.

Please be cautious of rewinding & fast-forwarding tapes. C120s are manufactured with thinner tape. Listen straight through for best results. 


Tracks from:

C.H.O.R.D. - Methuen, MA

W̶o̶r̶m̶h̶o̶u̶d̶t - Brockton, MA

Dei Xhrist - Manchester, NH

This Is Not Okay - Haverhill, MA

Diagram: A - MA

Chuck Steak - Taunton, MA

Sewir - Boston, MA

Jacob Winans - Belchertown, MA

Goa Death Mother - Lowell, MA

Dave Public - Providence, RI

Peasant Farm - Richmond, VT

Andrea Pensado - Salem, MA

Black Rabbit Taxi - Norwich, CT

Mandüsa - Boston, MA

Idol Brain - Lowell, MA


Swamp Temple - Gilford, NH

The Vomit Arsonist - Warwick, RI

Federico Balducci - West Springfield, MA

Straight Panic - Providence, RI

Scald Hymn - Belchertown, MA

Oahk - Ashland, NH

Nico Tracy - Dudley, MA

Bonnie Kane - Holyoke, MA

Stone Jaw - CT

Suckdog - Dover, NH

Closer Bones - Laconia, NH

+DOG+ - Sudbury, MA

Abdul H Sherzai - Worcester, MA

Will MK - Providence, RI

Wizard Satan - Laconia, NH


Walter Wright - Lowell, MA

Gyna Bootleg - Providence, RI

Size Queen - Undisclosed Location

Jay Randall - Springfield, MA

Lean - Worcester, MA

Evicshen - Boston, MA

Xanafalgue - Lowell, MA

Poacher - Providence, RI

Human Flourishing - New Haven, CT

Emil Beaulieau - Lowell, MA

Eric Baylies - New Bedford, MA

Fortune Tellers of the Illuminati - Laconia, NH

CHS - Belchertown, MA

ELRIM - Dover, NH

Nilserver - Bristol/Smithfield, RI

ZONKULATOR - Bill T Miller - Boston, MA


id m theft able - Windham, ME

Tinnitustimulus - Providence, RI

Poverty Line - Sheldon, VT


Pain Chain - Taunton, MA

777y777y - Dover, NH

L’eclipse Nue - Meriden, CT

Anti Aquarian - Undisclosed Location

Skin Crime - Enfield, NH

Bloody Vomit - Augusta, ME

Sterile Garden - Boston, MA

Flubber Boiler - Belchertown, MA

SECTION35 - Claremont, NH

Jennifer Daugherty - Estcourt Station, ME

Feedback Queen - Belchertown, MA


Art from:

Pain Chain

Andrew Hillman

Sean Mandüsa

Mackenzie Kourie, Viliji

T. Boettner

Isaac Tyler


Ben Flagg, C.H.O.R.D.

C. Garey

Devlin K.

Bonnie Kane

Eric C. Harrison

E.S. Read

Bryan Ziolkowski

Tim Johnson

Ian Tyler

Nico Tracy

Veevee Jones